4 Easy Steps for Growing Potatoes🥔

Potato Harvest

When I asked my oldest daughter what she wanted to grow in her garden this year, she replied, “Potatoes.” She paused or a moment, “And some strawberries, I guess, and catnip for Ollie.”😺

“That’s it?”


The one thing I grow that we all love—potatoes. The buttery soft potatoes are wonderful roasted, mashed, steamed or in soup. However many we grow, it is never enough. The kicker is that it’s probably the easiest thing I grow. No tiny seeds and sprouting and germinating. Just a big hearty hunk-a-spud dropped in a hole. OK, well maybe there’s a little more to it than that, but not much. Here is our Potato Growing Guide hot off the press, that will show you how to maximize your harvest of these delicious tubers.

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