Plan and get started! But not too soon. Read my February calendar for guidance for getting a jump on spring—right on time.

Snow? Maybe. Spring will come anyway. So let’s be ready!


About Me

Good Morning!

I’m Amy. So nice to meet you. Tea?

I have found fulfillment inviting nature into our yard space, and growing organic fruits and vegetables for my family. I’d like to show you how you can awaken your inner hobbit and transform your outdoor space to an inviting garden to share with family and friends.

It’s a Good Time For…

  • Male Anna's Hummingbird

    Five Tips to Help Hungry Hummingbirds Survive Winter

    Yesterday morning I brought out the hummingbird feeder and there was a little female Anna’s Hummingbird hovering near the ant-moat. She flew right up to me and hovered a few feet from my face. “Hungry?” I asked as I offered her the feeder. She went right to work, and even perched while I held it […]


  • Weekend Tip: Winterize Your Irrigation System

    Now that the rain is here to stay, it’s time to power off and drain your system. Drip systems need to be turned off and drained for winter to prevent damage to the fittings. To do this, open all the valves and slip off the figure 8 end clamps and let the water drain, lifting where necessary […]