Strawberries, cherries, herbs, and lettuces, these are the things I love about June.


  • Roman Chamomile

    June Calendar of Timely Tasks to Keep you Ahead of the Game

    Welcome June! 🍓🌼 The softest month of the year. This month is full of sweetness, aroma, and the flavor of those first harvests. It is also time for sowing, transplanting, thinning, irrigation, and pest management.🐛 Let’s get started! Read the June Calendar for inspiration and tons of tips.


  • How Green is Your Grass? What to do this Memorial Day Weekend

    Soft, cool grass is a staple of suburban landscapes everywhere. Lawns have a reputation for being soaked in toxic chemicals and heavy consumers of water. With a few easy adjustments, you can make your lawn greener and greener. First Fertilizer Application Irrigation If you haven’t already begun to water your grass, it’s a good time…


  • It’s a Cooker! What To Do and What Not To Do on this Hot Weekend

    The forecast on this Mother’s Day Weekend has temperatures soaring up into the nineties. We can expect this to continue through Monday. Sun Protection for Cool Season Crops Water and shade is in order for any cool season crops in direct sun. I’m watering deeply in the morning and shallow in the afternoon. To keep…


  • Calendula and Love in the Mist

    Welcome May! What to Do When

    Good morning! ☕ The May calendar is here to guide you through the possibilities and opportunities of this busy month in the garden.


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