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A fine morning it is. Thank you for stopping in. Care for some coffee, tea? Perhaps a delectable little cake?

For many years our two small garden beds gave my daughters and I a place to explore, bond, and deepen our understanding of our relationship to food while providing some fresh vegetables for our table. As my girls grew, I had an urge to expand on what I had learned. I redesigned our suburban yard space using what I taught myself about permaculture.

The Second Breakfast Gardens website has been growing in my mind since the moment I gave my first tour of my redesigned garden space and saw the light in my friend’s eyes. I realized I’ve started something beautiful that is worth sharing.

Second Breakfast Gardens: Keyhole Bed – May 2020
Phase 1 of our school garden built with volunteer labor and TWIG funding.

Since then, I’ve gone on to earn my PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) through OSU’s program. I chose my daughter’s school as the site for my PDC project. With the support of the principal, administration, and an amazing group of parent volunteers, we built a beautiful permaculture garden and a program to run it.  Then I went on to expand my horticulture knowledge by taking the Metro Master Gardener training courses. I finished the course, but I am in a prolonged intern period due to complications of 2020.

But not a moment has gone to waste!  

There are webinars to attend, books to read, my garden to tend, Edible Stories Market Garden to tend, as well as keeping up my daughter’s school garden during the shutdown. 

In this blog, I’ll include stories about my plans, doings, and discoveries. Then I’ll write up what I’ve learned and create new pages under the other subheadings of my website, Soil, Growing Guides, Wildlife, etc. so you have a concise way to read what I’ve learned.

Please explore, enjoy, share with your friends, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram, where I will share new content.

Is there anything more lovely than a harvest of calendula flowers?

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