Super Simple Soil Testing Guide

A beautiful flower peeping from green leaves. A sweet carrot. A fragrant clove of garlic. This is where gardening begins for most of us. In learning about the plants we cultivate, we inevitably end up getting the real dirt.

Then as our understanding grows, dirt becomes soil. Soil becomes sand, silt, and clay. Sand, silt, and clay becomes brick and mortar for cities that house billions of microbes like bacteria, and more complex life forms like nematodes and amoebas. Fungal hyphae become networks for distribution of food of nutrients to and from plant roots.

Respect grows with understanding. We want to know how we can support this system that is supporting us. I’ve created a simple guide for testing your soil to get you started on your path to understanding your plant’s relationship with the our soil. Also see my video tutorial. (It’s all kinds of awkward, but some things are just easier to digest in video.)

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