Three Tips for you this Week!

Finally some rain! 🌦 Sweet relief for our gardens and landscapes. 🌱

A garden slug, looking for snackies.

1. 🐌 The rain means that the slugs are going to be out cruising, looking for tasty garden vegetables. Other than watering in the morning, I generally don’t bother with slug control in the summer because the plants are big and vigorous. However, right now all the little seedlings and transplants are snack size and a single slug can wipe out a lot of your effort. Read more about slug and other pest control in my April calendar.

2. Transplanting: 🌱🥬🥦🧅

It is also a great time to finish transplanting any cool season crops. The rain and cool weather will help them get established before the sun prompts them to put on growth.

3. Warm Weather Indoor Seedlings: 🥒🌶🫑🍆🍅

For your warm weather starts be sure to feed them once or twice a week. A little organic liquid fertilizer with their water is perfect. They get to go outside in May. 💚

Note: these dates and weather references are relative to Zone 8b, of Willamette Valley, Oregon.

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