It’s Hot! Save your Lettuces.

🌞Temperatures are soaring on this first day of June, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. 🌞

Save your greens by cutting them back. (And eating them–of course!)On very hot days like this, your lettuces transpire more moisture through their leaves than their roots systems can draw up from the soil. The sun triggers their stomata to open and they begin transpiration to effort to cool the plant. This is a losing battle on a 90+ degree day. Unprotected they are likely to wilt and then die or at best begin to bolt.

So let’s help them out. Harvest most of the leaves to reduce transpiration. Then give them a cool drink of water and flying a shade cloth. My “shade cloth” was wrapped around a foam mattress. Yours might be row cover or a light colored bed sheet.

They might not make it, despite our efforts, but at least we got that last harvest!

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