Fall is Pretty Much a Second Spring

These past few days I have been harvesting summer crops, tomatillos, onions, beets, makah ozette potatoes, carrots, as well as seeds. In addition I have been removing played out vegetables as well.

What do I find myself with?

Space! What ever shall I do?

Fill it up again!

It has been wonderful popping in starts that I began in mid-August.

If you haven’t started yours there’s still time! Please see this post for more details on what can be sown. https://secondbreakfastgardens.com/2021/08/13/weekend-tip-fall-vegetables/

Tip! Remember that your soil is likely deleted of nitrogen from growing summer crops. So be sure to amend your starts with a N rich fertilizer. (Except for carrots. Carrots form better in poor, sandy soil.) I’m not so worried about the other nutrients because I have a high organic matter and lots of microbe activity freeing up P and K and other micro-nutrients. The rain also hasn’t yet washed away all the calcium.

Plant on and enjoy your second spring.

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