Weekend Tip: Winterize Your Irrigation System

Now that the rain is here to stay, it’s time to power off and drain your system.

Drip systems need to be turned off and drained for winter to prevent damage to the fittings. To do this, open all the valves and slip off the figure 8 end clamps and let the water drain, lifting where necessary to get the water moving. If you have an air compressor blowing our your lines can be helpful. Afterwards, replace the clamps to keep critters from moving in. For more detailed information check out this article by DripWorks: How to Winterize a Drip Irrigation System.

Conventional Irrigation Systems: Our favorite method is to use an air compressor to force the system to drain. Please see this video from Ewing Irrigation for more information: How to Winterize Your Irrigation System (Blowout Sprinkler System)

That’s it! Now get back inside and make a cup of tea and wrap up in your blankets.

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