Leverage January for Growing Season Opportunities

Happy New Year - Fireworks

January is a month of renewal, dreams, and opportunity. Now that the winter solstice has past and 2023 has arrived, the growing season feels almost touchable. Scan the January Calendar for inspiration to get you ready for spring. 🌱🌷

I would love to hear your plans, dreams, and goals for 2023! Please comment below or email me directly at amy@secondbreakfastgardens.com.

Cheers to you and another great year together.🥂

2 responses to “Leverage January for Growing Season Opportunities”

  1. Keeping my older, mature trees in good health through our ever-increasingly hot and dry summers here in Seattle is my primary goal. My landscape is 30+ yrs old, and the changes in weather I’ve seen in those years is frightening. And, at times, discouraging. But gardening keeps my going!

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    • Excellent goal!
      Yes. Our hot, dry summers are so different from what they were like 30 – 40 years ago. Scary indeed that we can see and feel the changes inside our own lifetimes. I’m glad to do my part to mitigate (keep water on my property, support the local ecosystem) and if I can get a few more eggplants and peppers to ripen, and flowers to winter over, it keeps me from feeling desolate about our future. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!


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