Hello Sunshine! What To Do and Not To Do on this Nearly Ninety Degree Day

This warm, sunny morning must have triggered my gardener instincts, because I am fighting the urge to transplant out my warm season crops. The cucumbers, melons, peppers are all leaning towards the sun saying, “Please, please can we go outside?”🌞

But I’ve been around the sun enough times to not be tricked. Today is about protecting seedlings and cool season crops, sunning (carefully) my warm season starts.

Protection for Cool Season

Seedlings that are just emerging e.g., carrots, beets, lettuce greens are at their tenderest. They need protection from drying out and direct sun. I will be doing a shallow watering this morning and early afternoon (since the roots are no deeper than an inch). For the lettuce greens and carrot seedlings I’m going to set up afternoon shade. I also have some broccoli transplants that will want afternoon shade and water too.

Warm Season Crops

I will not transplant. I will not transplant. I will not transplant.

OK. Good. I have however put them out in the morning sun. As I write out here in my garden, I think I can see them getting bigger. However, since they have not had many forays out into the yard, I’m going to keep an eye on them and bring them in before the sun gets too intense; probably by 10 am or 11 am, before the sun can blanch their leaves.

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